Monday, January 23, 2012

Gold correction is over-Elliot Wave Analysis

There is a strong probability that the correction in the price of gold has been completed. This article has four separate sections. They are:

  1. The Elliott Wave (EW) justification for thinking that the correction in gold is over.
  2. Why corrections happen in gold from a fundamental viewpoint.
  3. The extent to which manipulation affects the gold price.
  4. A possible “black swan” event that could trigger a gold price surge.

The up move just starting should thus be Intermediate Wave III of Major Wave THREE, the longest and strongest portion of the bull market. 

The gain in Intermediate Wave III should be larger, at least a 200% gain. A gain of this magnitude starting from $1523 targets

a price over $4,500.

Kindly refer to complete article for details.

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