Monday, October 8, 2012

How to check your LIC policy details via SMS?

Do you know you check details of your LIC policy from your mobile phone also using SMS? You can check various details like due premium amount, amount of bonus vested, amount available as loan, nomination details, annuity amount, cheque return information and many more.

To get started, you must know all plans of LIC can be divided among 2 broad categories – Pension plan and individual plans.


For pension plan type 


Send To 56677 

Enquiries :- 

  • IPP Policy Status, (STAT) 
  • Existence Certificate Due, (ECDUE) 
  • Last Annuity Released Date, (ANNPD) 
  • Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU) 
  • Annuity Amount (AMOUNT) 
  • Cheque  Return Information (CHQRET) 

Example: LICPension 2541255 AMOUNT


For other plans type


Send To 56677 


  • Premium – Installment premium under policy 
  • Revival – If policy is lapsed, Revival amount payable 
  • Bonus – Amount of Bonus vested 
  • Loan – Amount available as Loan 
  • NOM – Details of Nomination  

Example: ASKLIC 2548565 Bonus

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