Monday, October 29, 2012

How to view your Tata AIA Life insurance policy details online?

Customers of Tata AIA (Tata AIG) life insurance company can get their policy details online like fund value, premium certificate etc. You can do certain online transactions also. Just follow the instructions from below:

Step 1: To register your policy, visit and click on "Are you a new user?"

You'll get the screen like this:


Step 2: Provide your policy related verification details and create a User ID.


In order to access your Online Policy Account, the below details would be required for registration:

Policy Number

– Date of Birth of the Insured

– Sum Assured / Face Amount (if applicable)

– Policy Date

– Term of the Policy

– Email ID / Mobile no

The policy details required for registration are available on the “Policy Information Page” which is a part of the Policy Document. Sample is given below for your reference. Click on below image to open it in new tab in zoom form.

In case of any assistance during the registration procedure, a ‘Service Request’ can be raised.



  • For Health First and Health Protector policies, term of the policies to be entered during registration shall be 5 years as Premiums increase every 5 years on renewal.
  • For Health First policies, number of units applied for needs to be entered in the “Sum Assured” field



Step 3: Your password shall be sent to your email/mobile as desired by you. The User ID needs to be activated within 60 days of User ID creation.

Steps for Activation of account:


Activation Mode : Email

– An e-mail will be sent to the registered email ID post successful verification of details in the ‘New User’ tab

– The email will have the activation link and the password

– Click on the Activation link provided in the email and enter the User ID (created earlier) and password provided in the email

Activation Mode : Mobile

– An SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number post successful verification of details in the ‘New User’ tab

– The SMS will have the activation password

– Login to the Online Policy Account and enter the User ID (created earlier) and password provided in the SMS

• The password will need to be changed, post which the policy details can be viewed

• In case the password is not changed, the User ID will not get activated


Step 4: Change the password on activation and enjoy the world of convenience.

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