Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Make money for today in stock market | 10-Oct-2012

Here is a list of few stocks of Nifty 50 with their short explanation on trading for today. I've used some technical indicators like Ichimoku, Doda-Donchain, Pivot points etc.

1. Tata Steel: It's in bullish mode. Take only long call here. Rs.392.86 is a good support for it for medium term time frame. For short term, make a stop loss of 405.98. Avoid trading between these 2 figures.

2. Bharti Airtel: It is trading near its resistance level of 265.84. Below it, avoid this share. If it closes above it, take long call for the target of 274.

3. Nifty: Nifty has broken the support of 5767.66. So, take only short-selling calls here. Above this level, take only long positions.

4. Infosys: It is trading just near its crucial level of 2509.48. So, avoid this share and let it close above or below this level first. Take positions accordingly with this figure of stop-loss.

5. Reliance: Reliance industries is in downtrend after it closes below 843.94. Buy it only when it closes above this level again.

6. Wipro: It is also in downtrend after it closes below 373.25 level. Buy it only when it closes above this level again.

7. Tata Steel: It is in bullish mode. One can buy this stock with a stop loss of 405.98

8. Tata Power: Short sell in this share with a stop-loss of 103.04 for the target of 98.85

9. Wipro: It is in bearish mode. Sell it with a stop-loss of 373.25

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