Friday, October 19, 2012

Why NOT to spend on this festival season?

Indian festivals are coming in the next few weeks. This Diwali era of the year generally comes up with lots of happiness and blessings.

Happiness because Lord Ram came back to his home? No. Honestly, we don't care about that. That's a good point for your kid's exam.

Blessings? How many of you truely respect elders? Answer yourself.

But still we wait for this festival. Why? 

One reason is that we get lot of small kittly parties and get-together with friends and relatives. Even with whom, we don't meet throughout the year. 

Another reason is we get another chance to show-off many newly purchased home-items, jewellery, clothes to friends in club.

Last but the least, we get a reason to spend unncessary on this festival season on no. of useless items and gifts. We distribute them and then it's all over you'll say to your spouse "it was formality but we have to do it." and then you'll go to sleep.

But do you know ho much it counts for this formality?

Lot of your hard earned money gets wasted. On an average, a middle class family spends Rs.6,000 – Rs.8,000 during festival season. Some even higher.

Well, I'm not saying that you shouldn't spend at all but I want to say think before spending. You can easily cut it to a reasonable level. 

Do not get attracted to big banner of "SALE" or "upto 50% off". These all are marketing tricks.

Even if you spend Rs.2000 less every year and put in some equity mutual fund, you could earn more than Rs.1.50 lacs in 20 years.

Another way, is to make a common place for all your friends of the same town for a small get-together somewhere before a day of the festival. You all can enjoy there. Do NOT exchange gifts there. Make that rule before. Your kids will also enjoy that.

Last but not the least, you are very busy throughout the year. During this festival season, take a break and give some time to your kids. They deserve it. Put a smile on their face with a surprise gift. Play with them. Listen to them and talk less. Make them feel, how much you care for them. It will be much better than fullfilling formalities with so-called friends and relatives.

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