Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to lodge online complaint against Indian Railways?

Indian Railways provides an opportunity to lodge a complaint against any service provided by the department to its passengers. A suggestion can also be given to improve the Railway service.

You furnish the train no, bogie no and the precise nature of complaint like fan not working, no water in the bathroom or substandard caterers food etc.

The complaint lodging service has been linked to the homepage of Indian Railway website.

On visit to the link on website (www.indianrailways.gov.in), you will find a box with "Complaints & Suggestions". On clicking Submit button, Complaints & Suggestions Registration Form opens. Supporting documents can also be sent as attachment.


You can directly click on http://customercare.indianrailways.gov.in/criscm/common/complaint_registration.seam

You'll get the screen like this.


Fill the form with all the required details and you'll soon get reference number of your complaint. You can track the same reference number from http://customercare.indianrailways.gov.in/criscm/common/complaint_search.seam

You'll get the screen like this.

Enter the required details to see the status of your complaint.

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