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Reliance Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy Details

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and sometimes even the smallest of its kind puts your finances in a fix. Reliance Individual Personal Accident Policy is one of the key security measures to undertake for providing financial security in case of an accident. It ensures that your family does not suffer in event of an accident by providing compensation for accidental death or disablement.

Personal Accident Insurance – Key Highlights

  • Instant online policy issuance or over IVR call us on 1800 3002 8282.
  • Maximum coverage with minimal paper work.
  • Wide choice from Plan Variants
  • Simple and easy Claim process
  • Provides compensation to the family in case of accidental death and disablement

Reliance Individual Personal Accident Insurance Coverage

Table Of Benefits
What Is Covered
Compensation Payable
100% of Capital Sum Insured (CSI)
Permanant Total Disablement Loss of Two limbs / Two eyes or one limb and one eye Loss or one limb or one eye
100% of CSI
100% of CSI
50% of CSI
Permanent Partial Disablement
Varies from 1% to 75% of CSI as per policy

Accidental Death

    • Accidental Injury being the sole and direct cause, resulting in Death or Disability within 12 months of the accident, the compensation under the policy would be:
    • In caseof Death, Nominee will be paid the capital sum insured incase of accidental death

Disability benefit

a) Permanent Total Disablement

       : A condition resulting into any one of the following due to an accident within 12 months of the date accident.

      • Total incapacity to perform any employment or occupation of any nature (without any loss of limbs)—(100%)
      • Loss of sight of both eyes or actual loss of two entire hands or feet, or one foot and one hand.-(100%)
      •  Loss of sight of one eye, or one hand or one foot by physical separation (50% of SI is payable)
      • Loss of Use of one hand or leg without physical separation (50% of SI is Payable)

b) Permanent Partial Disablement : In case of a partial disability due to an accident, a specified percentage of the sum insured will be paid. To know the specific percentage of the sum assured that will be paid please go through the below table:

Type of loss
         % of Capital
Loss of toes-all
20 % 
Loss of toes great-both
5 %
Loss of toes great-one Phalanx
2 %
Loss of toes other than great if
1 %
Loss of hearing-both ears
75 %
Loss of hearing-one ear
30  %
Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand
40 %
Loss of four fingers
35 %
Loss of thumb-both phalanges
25 %
Loss of thumb-one phalanges
10 %
Loss of index fingers-anyone or three phalanges
6 %
Loss of ring finger – anyone or three phalanges
5 %
Loss of middle finger – anyone or three phalanges
4 %
Loss of metacarpals-first or second (additional) or 3rd, 4th or 5th (additional)
3 %
Any other permanent partial disablement
% as assessed by Panel Doctor


Any individual aged between 18 and 60 can be insured under this policy

Reliance Individual Personal Accident Insurance Exclusions

Death, injury or disablement of insured person caused due to following events is commonly excluded from the cover:

  • Compensation under more than one clause for same period of disability.
  • Any payment after admission of a claim for 50%/100% of Capital Sum Insured.
  • Any claim in the same period of insurance exceeding the Capital Sum Insured.
  • Suicide, attempted suicide, self injuries, HIV/AIDs/ VD, breach of law, influence of liquor/drugs.
  • War and nuclear perils.
  • Riots, Crimes, Misdemeanors and Felonie

Note: Details of the same is as given in our Policy Wordings

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