Sunday, July 21, 2013

Max New York Life Insurance Life Gain Plus 20 Participating Plan

Life Gain™ plus 20 participating plan provides you with an insurance cover that is guaranteed for 20 years down the line. It builds cash value, which you can use during your lifetime to fund any unforeseen needs either by surrendering accumulated PUAs or taking a loan. You can enjoy the full benefits of an endowment plan with life insurance that requires you to pay premiums only over a very limited period, while you get cover for the entire tenure! Also, your money grows quickly, resulting in a substantial lump sum on maturity. In case of unfortunate death, this plan also provides sum assured plus additional insurance coverage purchased from bonuses for first 5 years and then doubles the same afterwards.

You can also customize your policy to meet your specific needs. We offer you the flexibility to enhance the value of your policy by using various rider options available. In addition, you are also eligible for bonuses and terminal illness benefits, where you can use 50% of your sum assured at the time of your treatment and the balance of the sum assured will be payable to your family on the occurrence of the insured event.

Eligibility Criteria
Entry age18 years to 55 years
Maturity age75 years
Premium Payment Term6 / 10 years
Minimum Sum AssuredRs. 50,000
Maximum Sum AssuredNo limits, subject to underwriting
Living Benefit
  • Sum Assured plus accrued bonus plus Guaranteed Additions @ 10% of Sum Assured.
Death Benefit
  • In the first five years – Sum Assured plus additional insurance coverage purchased from bonuses.
  • After five years – Double the Sum Assured plus additional insurance coverage purchased from bonuses
Bonus Options
  • Paid in Cash
  • Premium Offset
  • Paid up Additions

  • Guaranteed Financial Protection
  • Choice of premium payment term
  • Tax benefits on premiums and maturity proceeds
  • Additional protection through riders
  • Bonus is declared every year after the 3rd policy year

Download its brochure here.

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