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FAQs on the e-Voting system of NSDL for Shareholders

Q.1I know about voting by ‘Postal ballot’. What is e-Voting?
Ans.e-Voting is voting through an electronic system where shareholders can vote on resolutions of companies requiring voting through Postal Ballot as per extant rules and regulations without having the necessity of sending their votes through post. Ministry of Corporate Affairs has authorised NSDL for setting up an electronic platform to facilitate shareholders to cast vote in electronic form. Accordingly, NSDL has set-up an electronic infrastructure to facilitate shareholders to cast votes in electronic form through internet.
Q.2What is the legal framework permitting e-Voting?
Ans.The Companies (Passing of the Resolution by Postal Ballot) Rules, 2001, has defined the “Postal Ballot as voting by shareholders by postal or electronic mode instead of voting personally by presenting for transacting businesses in a general meeting of the company”. Thus, Section 192A of the Companies Act, 1956 read with Companies (Passing of the Resolution by Postal Ballot) Rules, 2001 recognizes voting by electronic mode for postal ballot.
Q.3How will I benefit from the e-Voting system?
  1. Ease of operation. With User ID and password, you can login to e-Voting system ( of NSDL through internet and cast your vote from your residence, office etc.
  2. Sufficient time to vote till the end of voting cycle.
  3. Elimination of postal ballots getting lost in-transit.
  4. Paperless mode of casting vote.
Q.4Does the e-Voting system of NSDL facilitate e-Voting for only demat account holders of NSDL?
Ans.The e-Voting system of NSDL facilitates voting from all shareholders i.e., shareholders holding shares in physical and demat mode.
Q.5How do I register for e-Voting facility?
Ans.There is no pre-registration related activity required at your end. The registration details viz., User ID and password will be sent by the Issuer / R&T Agent /NSDL in the following mode :

  1. In case email address of the Sole / First Holder is available with the Issuer/R&T Agent :
    1. NSDL will generate User ID & password and send the same at the email address provided by issuer/R & T Agent.
    2. Using the User ID and password, you will login to the e-Voting system ( of NSDL.
  2. Others (where email address of the Sole / First Holder is not available with the Issuer/R&T Agent)
    1. NSDL will generate User ID and password and provide it to the Issuer/R&T Agent.
    2. The Issuer/R&T Agent will dispatch the User ID and password in a PIN mailer at the address of the Sole/First Holder.
    3. Using the User ID and password, you will login to e-Voting system ( of NSDL.
Q.6There are demat accounts / shares certificates held by joint holders. In such a case who will cast the vote in e-Voting system?
Ans.As, only one of the several joint holders is entitled to exercise voting power, in case of e-voting only first holder is recognized for the purpose of sending user ID & password for e-voting. Accordingly, the vote casted using the User ID and password sent to first holder is recognized on behalf of all the joint holders, as the shareholder who casts the vote through the e-Voting services of NSDL is doing so on behalf of all joint holders.
Q.7Is there any charge for using e-Voting system of NSDL ?
Ans.No. Currently, NSDL does not levy any charge on the shareholders for using the e-Voting system.
Q.8Is there any User manual to understand the login and voting process ?
Ans.Yes. You can download the User manual from (
Q.9Will proxy be able to cast vote in e-Voting system?
Ans.e-Voting system brings flexibility, convenience and ease of operation for the shareholder to cast vote through internet. Thus, eliminating the need to appoint a proxy.
Q.10Is time period for e-Voting same as Postal Ballot?
Ans.Yes. The time defined in the Postal Ballot Rules, 2001 for Postal Ballot is applicable for e-Voting as well.
Q.11Once I cast my vote on e-Voting System, can I modify my vote before the closing of e-Voting cycle?
Ans.No. Vote once casted will be considered final and cannot be modified.
Q.12Voting on selective resolutions is permitted in Postal Ballot. Is the same available in the e-Voting system as well ?
Ans.Yes. Since a shareholder can decide to vote only on some of the resolutions put to vote, the same can also be done in e-Voting system as well.
Q.13Can I reuse the password received for the first time by me for e-Voting?
Ans.No. The e-Voting system will force the user to change the password during the first login.
Q.14How will the results be made available at the end of the voting period?
Ans.The Scrutinizer will collate the votes downloaded from e-Voting system and votes received though other means to declare the final results for the resolutions placed for voting by the Issuer.
Q.15How will I know if e-Voting website is secured?
Ans.If you are visiting the website with a secure connection, you will be able to identify the website through the site’s certificate. A secure or encrypted website address will begin with HTTPS rather than HTTP, and you will see a lock icon in the Address bar. Secure connections use certificates to identify the website and to encrypt your connection so that it will be more difficult for a hacker to view. You can also click the lock icon in the Address bar to see more information about the secured website.

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