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How to check the expiry date of your LPG cylinder?

LPG cylinderThis fact is known to many few people that the cooking gas at your home or used in your card, commonly known as LPG cylinder, has expiry date and after that date one should not use it. It is worth mentioning that cylinders of expired dates are more prone to leakage from valves, which leads to explosion. Such cylinders can also lead to explosion on delivery vehicles.

Now, let’s us check how to check the expiry of LPG cylinder:

On one of three vertical stay plates (side stems) of the LPG cylinder, the date is coded alpha numerically as A or B or C or D and a two-digit number following this e.g. D13.

The following image will make it more clear.

In the above figure, it can be clear seen as D-13.

Now, let us see what first alphabet stands for.

The alphabets stand for quarters –

A for Qtr. ending March (First Qtr i.e. Jan-Feb-Mar),

B – Qtr. ending June (Second Qtr i.e. Apr-May-Jun),

C-Qtr. ending Sept (Third Qtr i.e. July-Aug-Sep), &

D for Qtr. ending December (Fourth Qtr i.e. Oct-Nov-Dec).

The digits stand for the year when the cylinder is going to expire. Hence D13 would mean that the particular cylinder is going to expire in Dec 2013.

Let us take few more examples.

A14 means expiry of cylinder is Mar 2014.

C15 means expiry of cylinder is Sep 2015.

D17 means expiry of cylinder is Dec 2017.

It also means if a customer gets a cylinder in June 2010 with marking as B10, it does not indicate that the physical life of the cylinder has expired. It only means that this cylinder is due for Statutory testing by end June 2010. But this sounds more useful to company rather than for customer.

So, as a customer, next time when the delivery boy bells at your home to deliver LPG cylinder, first check its expiry date.

Other things to check are:

  • Check the seal of the cylinder
  • Check the safety cap. It should not have any cracks
  • Remove safety Cap and check for leakage from the valve. Usually in case of any leakage from the Cylinder valve, the safety cap will pop off at the time of removal. This can be further reaffirmed by placing your thumb on the cylinder valve
  • Get the new cylinder connected with the hotplate and make sure that no leakage is observed.
  • Pay the cash and acknowledge the 2nd copy of the cash memo / refill voucher.

Hope you’ll find this article useful. If so, please share it with your friends and family members to make them aware too.

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