Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Details of 'Travel safe when alone' campaign for women in Mumbai

The Mumbai police on Saturday launched their ‘travel safe when alone’ campaign with the release of the number 9969777888. The campaign was launched after the techie Esther Anuhya’s case, where the police were clueless about the mode of transport used by her and its registration number.

Any woman who is travelling alone by public transport in Mumbai and is feeling unsafe can send a text to this number. The message will be stored in the server for a year and can be accessed later by the cops in case a crime occurs. The message should include the registration number of the taxi or auto that she is travelling in. Her location and her mobile number will be automatically stored in the server. Upto one crore messages can be stored.

Saturday being Women’s day was chosen for launching the venture. MTNL is partnering with the cops for this service. The sms service is free.

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