Monday, April 7, 2014

How to search your name online in Voters list to vote in Elections?

Elections are on the way and every responsible citizen is eager to cast his/her vote. But before that have you verified your name in the voters list of elections?

In this article, we’ll discuss 2 ways to verify your name online. One is to enter your personnel details like name, age etc. and second way is to enter your voter registration number.

Let us explore both the ways in detail here.

Step 1

Visit the official website URL of Election Commission of India website at

You’ll get the screen like this

The screen will show the list of all states of India.

Step 2

Just click on your state.

The link will open the Chief Electoral Officer website of the respective state.

For Haryana state voters list, the screen looks like this:

Choose your district name, assembly constituency name, enter name, age, relation name and gender and click on Search.

Step 3

Another way is to click on “Search By Voter ID”. It’s screen looks like this:

Enter your Voter ID. You can get your voter ID from your Voter identity card.

The result will be shown as complete details of yours like your name, age etc.

At the time of writing this article, CEO website for Delhi and Maharashtra were not working. So, can’t comment on them.

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