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How to view status of your BSNL bill online?

BSNL has the largest network of telecom in India. Far areas, where you won’t get any signal of private operators; especially rural areas, you’ll surely get mobile signal from BSNL.

Inspite of maximum customers to use its service, unfortunately, it has not improved its infrastructure and administration to give proper service to its customers. Various sites are flooded with complaints related to BSNL.

One common query of BSNL customer is to check the status of current bill.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to view status of your BSNL bill online without registration.

Step 1

Visit the official URL of BSNL at

You’ll get screen something like this:

In this screen you just need to select your city under your state name.

Note: Chennai and Kolkata are given separate under “Metro Districts”. See bottom of your screen.

Step 2

Once you select your city, the next screen appears which is something like this:

Now, enter your BSNL landline phone number with STD code in the format of “STD code – Number” (without quotes).

E.g. if your STD code is 040 and landline number is 2358415, enter it as 040-2358415

Enter the verification code of screen and click on Submit button.

You’ll get status of your BSNL landline phone as shown below:

Here it shows customer name, Telephone number, Bill number, Due amount, Bill date, Due date etc.

If you’ve already paid the bill, it will also show receipt number, receipt date and amount paid.

If you want to download your complete BSNL landline bill or want to pay the bill online, see our other article titled “How to pay your BSNL landline phone and broadband bills online?” at

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