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Why NOT to buy any phone from Micromax?

Micromax has gained much name in the last 2-3 years in phone industry. From simple phone to Smartphone, it has all the range and that too in competitive price as compared to other leading brands like Samsung, Sony etc. Just 2 years back, Google trends showed “Micromax” was one of the top search keyword on Google search engine. I’ve also recommended to buy Micromax smartphones many times on this website. But now, today I’ll share my true incident with Micromax and after reading it, I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

I purchased a new Micromax Smartphone A177 with bill from local retailer of the company. Phone specification is good and working fine. But just after few days, it stopped detected my memory card. Not only this, it stopped showing anything under File Manager – no internal memory or external memory. I tried solving it by changing to new memory card and changing few settings, but all in vain.

Then, I gave this phone to Micromax service centre (on 23-June-2014) and after initial checking, they informed me that they are sending this phone to company as it’s not a minor fault and I’ll get my phone back in 20-25 days. The job sheet number given was N030100061410379794.

I was not expecting that too much time, but I had no other option as the phone was under guarantee.

After 15 days, I tried to call company customer support department via no. 18605008286 (not a toll-free), but all the lines were busy. After about 30 minutes and many redials, my call was connected. I inquired for my phone by providing job sheet number. They replied that it will take another 15 days to repair my phone and these 15 days starts from the first phone to the company. When I asked what if I had not made any phone call to company, he had no answer to give.

I immediately send email to id which is given on their official website – [email protected] and filled online form too at and waited for their reply.

No reply for 2 days. Send reminder to them via email. Got their reply as

We can understand your concern and apologize for the inconvenience due to delay servicing of your handset. We have escalated your case to our concerned team on priority so that we can provide you resolution as soon as possible.

I’ve especially quoted the above reply as it is a canned reply and they send it every time when any one email them – at least 2 me.

Then, started a series of emails from my side on every alternate days and they send me the same reply.

After 10 days, they stopped replying back my emails. I called customer support department again and to my surprise they again ask for another 15 days. I requested to talk to some senior manager of the company. They promised to arrange the call and just after 1 hour, I received call from some Varun. Another surprise, Varun also asked for another 15 business days – excluding Saturdays and Sundays. 

I don’t know how Micromax calculates 15 days.

In the mean time, I posted my complaint to After few days, Micromax replied that they will reply back in 2 business days. After 2 business days, they replied that they will reply back in 2 business days. It showed that they are doing nothing in the company buy just doing copying and pasting the canned message. The company is giving false assurance every time.

I posted my complaint to their Google+ page and they asked for my job sheet number twice and email thread. Surprisingly, they already have that information. Seems, they were passing time.

On 26-July-2014, I got a phone call from the company that they have started repairing my phone and I’ll get my phone next week. The whole week has passed and they have again proved their unprofessional behavior.

It’s been 40 days now and I’ve large bunch of false assurance from the company. In the last 40 days, there had been exchange of 33 emails – most of them were from mine and numerous phone calls. Add the conversation of to this list.

And at the end, I’m still empty hands.

I checked few other websites and I found I’m not alone in such situation. The net is flooded with same complaints of Micromax.

I don’t know when will I get my phone back. In the meantime, the price of this model has been reduced by 12% by the company + the depreciation of the phone + loss of guarantee period – all this loss in under my account.

I remember the incident when there was some fault in my Nokia handset and the company repaired it withing a week time. But this is not Nokia; this is Micromax.

I have not revived my phone till date and there is no hope in near future. I think I’ve to wait for another 15 business days.

Few lessons to learn from my experience

  • NEVER ever buy any phone from Micromax. This is NOT a professional company.
  • If you’ve already Micromax phone, try NOT to give it to company for repair. Instead, give it some local professional phone repair engineer.
  • Do not fill online form to complaint on Micromax official website. They NEVER reply back.
  • Do not trust on assurance given by the company. I still can’t understand how to calculate 15 working days.
  • I could not find site useful to handle my problem. Surprisingly, the reply from and Micromax team posted on same time. Something is wrong here.

Planning to file complaint to consumer court now.

Will update this page as the things change….

Update on Aug 20, 2014 – After series of phone calls and emails, I finally got my repaired phone back on 20-Aug-2014.

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