Monday, September 22, 2014

How to interact with PM of India online?

Many times we feel the need to write to Prime Minister of India directly. It may be because of some corruption net you are facing in some Govt. office or you may want to give your valuable suggestion / feedback for good governance. Whatever the reason is, you get a new way to interact with PM of India now – that’s online.



In this article, we’ll discuss the same step by step.



Step 1


Visit the official website of PM of India at and register there

The screen is something like this and self-explanatory.


Step 2


Once you fill up the form online, you’ll get email from PMO to activate your account.  Click on the link given in that email to activate your account.


Step 3


Now, you will get screen message that “Activation Process has been completed”. Now you can login at

You’ll get screen something like this:


Login with your email id and password.


Step 4


On successful login, you’ll get screen like this:

You can choose your topic from the list and write your query.

Please note that on successful submission of your message, you could send your next message after 72 hours.

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