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33 ways to Save your Money every month

save-money-online-money-moneyWe all know that it’s difficult to earn money. But to save money is more difficult than that. It’s not like that we do not try for that. But at the end of the month, we are unable to judge why we couldn’t save any money inspite of honest efforts.

The main reason is that one always try to save BIG money and many times ignore many small day-to-day expenses, which can easily be avoided.

In this article, we’ll discuss 33 such ways to avoid those unnecessary expenses and save your hard earned money.


1. Make a car pool system by discussing with your office colleagues and /or neighbors. This way you save fuel and maintenance charges of your car everyday.

2. Read the manual of your car and also its related websites. Get the basic knowledge of your car troubleshooting.

3. Planning for purchasing new car? Try old one with good features. Seek the help of professional mechanic to look insides of car machinery, engine, wires etc.

4. Don’t drink alcohol or any other such drugs. You might have to pay heavy fine or even get an appointment with accident or God!

5. Consider public transportation system also wherever possible and save fuel.

Credit cards

6. Pay all your credit card dues on time. The interest rates are very heavy if you fail to do so. 7. Use your credit card to pay your utility bills like electricity bills, insurance premium etc. Every time you use it, you’ll earn reward points, which you can exchange it for your shopping items like DVD Player, Mobile phone or even buy an airline ticket. 8. Transfer your credit card balance to some lower interest card, if you’re unable to pay all dues. 9. Try to convert your due amount into EMI. 10. If you waste money using credit card again and again, put it in your home. Take debit card or cash instead. 11. Do not wait for your physical credit card statement. Monitor your online credit card account from time to time to check any unauthorized transactions and inform the company immediately.


12. Plan and book your airline tickets, hotel well in advance to get lower tariffs.


13. Make a list of items you want to purchase before moving out for shopping. You might forget in absence of that and will waste fuel, time and money again. 14. Don’t go for shopping just because you see big “SALE” outside. There is no point of wasting money on cheap but useless items. Infact, purchase only if you really need that and is available on discounted price. 15. Keep on checking the expiry dates of your food items, wherever applicable and try to consume them first, which is approaching near by. 16. Ask for discount if you’re paying cash.

Hospital and Medicines

17. Walk daily for 35-45 minutes. Don’t think while walking. Stay calm and enjoy the beauty of nature. You’ll remain healthy and will pay less on your medicines. 18. Don’t buy medicines in bulk. Check the expiry date of medicines before buying and later on every month. Dispose off the expired medicines. 19. Look for alternative system of medicine like Ayurveda or Homeopathy. Such medicines are much cheaper than allopathy medicines and can cure the disease from its root.


20. Think again before buying expensive mobile phone or any such gadget. You can easily live with cheaper phone with basic functions. 21. Don’t buy expensive applications or games on your mobile phone. There are tons of free apps already available on internet. Check out some authentic website. 22. Use pre-paid service on your mobile phone instead of giving huge monthly charges. 23. If you’re planning to buy smartphone, know what to look in a better smartphone before you buy. Check out the complete guide to buy Smartphone at 10 tips to select a smart Smartphone


24. Replace your old Incandescent light bulb with new Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and save electricity bill. 25. Turn off computer, music system or lights when not in use. Make it a habit.


26. Turn off you water tap when brushing your teeth or shaving.


27. Invest your money wisely to save taxes.


28. Have patience and wait for new movie DVD instead of watching in cinema halls. Many times you’ll see the same movie within few days in your satellite channel also. 29. Don’t take your date to expensive dinner or movie show. Instead try cheaper ones first and see the bonding of relationship first. 30. Many videos and entertainment programs are available on YouTube also. Check them at your home or on your Smartphone.

Some misc.

31. Wash your clothes in cold water

32. Cancel the subscription of your magazines and newspaper, which you’re not reading regularly. You can read its free electronic version on internet also.

33. Avoid taking buy expensive softwares. Use freeware. Search the net and you’ll find tons of such softwares.

The above points may sound simple at first scene. But just try to implement them in your life and see the miraculous changes.

And let me know how much money you’ve saved after implementing any of the above tips.

Waiting for your comments below.

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