What are the returns on a PPF account?

What I gathered is if you invest Rs.70,000/- p.a, i.e.(Rs.1050000 for 15 years) you get around Rs. 20,00,000/- after 15 years. Is it correct? I thought the amount would be around Rs. 28,00,000/- Please guide.
Will the same interest rate at which I opened the account prevail, throughout the 15 year tenure or would the rate of interest vary yearly?

Public Provident Fund ppf query?

In Public Provident Fund(ppf) if i start off with a deposit ?
In Public Provident Fund if i start off with a deposit of rs.1000 can i increase it to rs.2000 and so on till 75000 the max is what i heard every year?or is it fixed to a specific amount say 1000 if i start of with , every year ?
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