Which bank among ICICI and SBI is good to have a Public Provident Fund (PPF) account in?

I am 22 years old, securing a job in an IT firm which I have joined just before one and a half year. I am having saving accounts in both the ICICI and State Bank Of India (SBI). Recently I have came to know that ICICI bank is also allowing to open the PPF account. I have Internet banking in ICICI where as normal savings account in SBI. Please guide me which bank is good for opening the PPF account in respects of service and time required for the further processing.

How much amount is deducted (at source maybe) as a contribution towards provident fund??

As you’ll would have guessed, I really don’t know a lot about salary deductions and contributions. I will really appreciate if someone can enlighten with the way the salary works in India? what sections/heading are people paid under? Which of those fields are taxable? How much gets deducted at source and for what reason? What exactly is a provident fund or public provident fund? How much tax is deducted under professional tax?